As proud Aarhusians, we want to recommend the best of the best from our hometown Aarhus to our fellow peers and not just the usual suspects, you find on the main street.

Introducing Capo, a true gastronomic gem in Ny Munkegade that invites you into an intimate dining experience characterized by coziness and charm. Inspired by the North-Eastern Paris open-minded kitchens and low-key vibes, the food and wine bar opened in April 2022 with a desire to bring something different to the culinary scene in Aarhus.

The menu is artfully composed with dishes that blend traditional and modern flavor profiles and with an impressive wine selection, Capo offers unforgettable taste experiences and closeness among guests. With just over a year, the concept of Capo has proven to be a success. It’s where locals and visitors merge, where stories are shared, and where the heartbeat of Aarhus finds its rhythm.

Praised by critics and adored by patrons, it's a culinary haven that has etched its name onto Aarhus' vibrant scene and has received a 5-star praise by Århus Stiftstidende and been nominated for “Bar of the Year 2023” by The Danish Food Reviewers.

Capo is not just a wine and food bar but a genuine microcosm of Aarhus' soul, where each visit creates a chapter in a story of connection and appreciation.

If you ever find yourself in our hometown Aarhus, take a detour beyond the main street to Ny Munkegade and Capo – it’s definitely worth a visit.