EDITORIAL: Maria Barfod, DJ & Dietitian

She set fire to the dancefloors by night and burns calories with her clients by day. In many ways Maria Barfod, 41-years old, also known as her alias Fedty, lives a balanced life in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Being equal parts hedonist and realist, she shares her best tips on how to stay in balance between body and mind + the healthy and the unhealthy worth to take notes from.

[1] Sleep. The most important aspect of living a healthy, balanced life. 

[2] Don’t go extreme! You should not restrict yourself for all the good and the bad things in life. You’ve gotta live. My balance is 80/20. 80% taking care of myself and 20% whatever the fuck I wanna do.

[3] Smile. Do more of what make you smile. You only have one life + you also become more beautiful inside and out when you focus on what makes your mouth go upwards.

We captured her wearing Minimum in and around the vibrant street of Værnedamsvej on Vesterbro – also known as Little Paris – worth your visit.