We take pride in the long-term relationships we have built with our suppliers. Most of them have been a part of our value chain for 10 years and some even longer. These long and close relationships foster a good dialogue and sharing of knowledge that contributes to our responsible development.


We are proud to partner with our manufacturers around the world where they specialize in their manufacturing processes.
74 PCT. China
07 PCT. Turkey
05 PCT. Indonesia
03 PCT. Bangladesh
03 PCT. India
03 PCT. Makedonia
02 PCT. Pakistan
02 PCT. Portugal
01 PCT. Italy


While we value a dialogue-based supplier relationship, we find ethical audits of our Tier 1 to be a useful tool in gaining insight in our production. The audits help us to understand how our manufacturing partners work and to identify potential risk areas. Not only for the building and facilities, but also for health and security, knowhow, and training. These reports are evaluated, and if we find issues that needs improvement, we will start a dialogue and ask for a new audit when the previous audit report no longer is valid.