From the catwalks to the turntables, former model Agathe Mougin has made a thriving career by deejaying at top events on remarkable stages around the world. We met with her in her charming loft apartment in Le Marais, Paris to talk everything from music to her deep fascination of sharks.

Before becoming a DJ, you had a career as a model. How did you start deejaying?

My best friend Wladimir Schall was working with the Sound Designer Michel Gaubert, and one day he offered Wlad and I our first gig. We flew to Tokyo and opened the night for Chanel and their “Little Black Jacket“ exhibition.

As a renowned DJ, you have been travelling the world. What is your most memorable place?
I had the chance to deejay at some incredible events. I think one of the most memorable places was for a private event on a container ship converted into a club in the middle of the sea, next to Capri.

Your apartment is full of shark artefacts. And you even have one tattooed on your leg. What is your obsession with sharks?
I have always loved sharks. I really think they are majestic animals. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an Oceanographer. The role they have for the ecosystem is crucial. If we don’t stop killing them for their fins, it will be a disaster – not only for the oceans, but for us too.

You are born and raised in Paris, France. Which area of the city do you thrive the most in?
It’s hard to choose. I live in an old loft apartment in Le Marais and a lot of my closest friends are around, so I guess this is where I thrive the most, but I think every district has its good spots.

Which song are you playing on repeat right now?
Keinemusik (&ME, Rampa, Adam Port) — Paris feat. Starving Yet Full (Chloé Caillet Remix).

Three essentials you would bring to a lonely island?
[1] A zippo
[2] A pair of really comfy sweatpants
[3] A little boombox

How do you stay up to date with music?
You must spend time listening to all the new releases. Going out to see other deejays playing is also a good way to stay up to date.

Your go-to song to get the crowd going wild?
I have a few, and it really depends on the night and the crowd, but let’s say: “Gidafi Na feat. Tesfit Asgodom”.

Your typical answer to a song request?
“Hum, not sure to have it, but I will see.”

Your favorite music decade?
It depends so much on the music style, and I would love to have the chance to travel back to the 70s.

Since we are fashion brand, what is a typical Agathe Mougin uniform?
Jeans, my perfecto, and white sneakers.

The soundtrack to your summer
Wearing pieces from the High-Summer 2022 collection, we asked Agathe to create a playlist inspired by the styles. Listen to Agathe Mougin’s curated summer playlist here.