Meet Simon and Pierre. Together they share their huge passion for wine and together they run Octave Club – a personal wine shopper concept with a physical shop placed in the thriving and charming neighborhood of Le Marais in Paris.
The Octave Club is simply made for everyone – from wine connoisseurs who is “in the know” to occasional wine drinkers who want to discover wine in a modern made way. We met them at their shop to explore the world of wine and learn more about their passion and the community around them.

Can you introduce yourself? Name, age, profession, etc.
Simon: Simon Dufour, 40, Founder of Octave, Partner in Maison Herout (Normandy Cider House)
Pierre: Pierre Selles, 29, Operation Manager at Octave.

Octave Club – what is it and why the name?
Both: Octave is first and foremost a personal wine shopper. We select wine for our members to match with what they love or want to discover. The name comes from a 90-100 cl. oak barrel. It is used for small productions and what we call “vin de garage”. Our wine shop is in Paris in the Canal Saint Martin area at 32 rue Beaurepaire.

What is the vision of Octave Club? Did you have a special idea in mind?
When entering Octave, you are met by (of course) wine, but also a lot of quirky elements such as the slot machine, coffee table books, children’s area, etc. Did you have a special idea or vision behind the interior and decoration of the wine shop?

Pierre: We wanted to create a different atmosphere than the traditional wine cellar. People spend more time in Octave because of what we did with the space. Children can draw, younger can play with the slot machine and the adults can explore the wine and spirits. We also focus on the local. All our products are of French origin including wine, ciders, spirits, coffee table books, accessories and more)

Tell us about your paths to be running Octave Club? What did you do before that?
Simon: I worked 8 years as Commercial director in Veja Fair trade company. I decided to quit my job to develop my own business.
Pierre: It is now around ten years that I have been in the wine industry. Prior to that, I was working in different businesses on digital operations.

What do you love about your job?
Simon: Friendliness. For me, sharing is the definition of wine. I love to discover and meet other winemakers and convey the fruit of their work. We are the last link of their chain.
Pierre: I love when people discover the world of wine. I am passionate about sharing my experiences and my knowledge to all kind of people and to find the right fit for them.

Why did you pick the location for Octave Club?
Both: I love this area of Paris. It is almost like a kind of a Parisian Brooklyn. It is easy to get to here as it is close to Republique place, and the atmosphere of Canal St. Martin is just everything.

Your favorite summer drink and the recipe please?
Simon: A fresh Cider Cuvée N°4 from maison Hérout.
Pierre: White wine from Loire valley, Les Sables Verts – Saumur cuvée les Rouères 2019 with a Saint Jacques Carpaccio, olive oil and agrumes.

And now some “this or that” questions.

Red or white?

Simon: Red
Pierre: White

Vintage or non-vintage?
Simon: Vintage
Pierre: Vintage

Pear or apple cider?
Simon: Apple
Pierre: Pear

Country or city?
Simon: Country
Pierre: City

Board games or video games?
Simon: Board games
Pierre: Video Games

And since we are a fashion brand.
Sweatpants or trackpants?

Simon: Trackpants
Pierre: Trackpants

Jeans or chinos?
Simon: Chinos
Pierre: Jeans

Sneakers or dress shoes?
Simon: Sneakers
Pierre: Sneakers