Introducing Aoife Coffee, a coffee-lover’s paradise located by the harbor of Ebeltoft. Follow along as the owner of the coffee shop and roastery, Rasmus Jordt, shares his story with us.

Tell us about who you are and the staff at the Aoife Coffee café.
I am the owner of Aoife Coffee, and we are a dedicated team of baristas who always try to excel in service and presenting the best coffee.

How did you come to open the café?
I started the coffee shop as part of what was supposed to be a coffee school for pro baristas and aspiring coffee professionals. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to start up as a full school, so we are working into it step by step, starting with the coffee shop and consultancy.

What are some memorable moments you have from running the café?
Some of the moments that always pop up running a cafe, is the way our guests light up when realizing they can bring their dogs as well. Sharing our nerdiness and giving guest an “aha experience”. And especially seeing how the younger segment of Ebeltoft start using and also inspiring us in the coffee shop.

In your eyes. What is so unique about Djursland?
Djursland has in many ways been a first mover community the past few years, expanding and creating a high level of diversity and knowledge in the area. Nerds of all kinds are found doing their thing spread throughout Djursland. This is normally only found in high pace big cities.