EDITORIAL: Meet ceramicist, Julie Damhus, who both lives and has a workshop and showroom in southern Djursland.

Explore the creativity of Djursland in this editorial, where we meet the talented ceramicist, Julie Damhus. Join us as she shows us her workshop and talks about life on Djursland.

What led you to work with ceramics? What is your background?
I am a trained industrial designer specializing in ceramics, and it was on an exchange in Canada that I got to know ceramics and fell completely in love. Then I apprenticed with potter Lars Kähler, and he taught me how to turn by hand.

How did you develop your color palette that seems to be part of your signature?
I quickly fell for the matte, delicate and soft pastel glazes that I have been working with ever since I started ceramics. I love colors and the combination with the matte look means that it doesn't become too much color at once.

Do you have a favorite shape?
My favorite shape is most definitely a cup. A cup means a lot to me. As a self-employed person, working life is sometimes very stressful, and a good cup of coffee can provide the small important breaks during the day that make it all a little easier. A good cup should feel good in the hand, and you should be able to feel coziness and presence.

We spot a tendency to buy handmade rather than mass-produced products. Why do you think that is?
We would very much like to surround ourselves with personal and unique things, and perhaps this is a reaction to all the digital things we surround ourselves with. We are looking for the tactile, and something that brings out some emotions in us. That's why I think that many people would like to have handmade ceramics, where you also know the person behind it and the story.

How would you describe the creative scene at Djursland?
Djursland is an exciting place for creative people, and we fell for it because we could get more square meters value for our money and thus room for creative expression. The nature and the exciting creative people make Djursland an inspiring place to live.