While there are many different types of wool, a common denominator is that clothes made of wool need to be washed as little as possible.

When you do find the need to wash your wool clothes, it is important to follow the instructions on the care label carefully. Always make sure to use a proper pH-neutral wool detergent containing lanolin – a natural moisturizing wax that is extracted from sheep's wool. Lanolin is also to be found in the wool clothes and is said to have self-cleaning qualities when activated by moist or fresh air. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly hang your wool clothes to freshen up outside or in the bathroom while showering.

When drying the washed wool clothes, we always recommend lying your wool clothes on a flat towel to dry. This, to avoid stretching the wool fibers and thereby keeping the shape intact.

Pilling occurs naturally over time and can easily but gently be removed with a fabric shaver.